• A Bloody Good Time

    • Because Size Matters

      Because Size Matters

      House-infused bacon vodka and Demitri’s™ All-Natural Chilies & Pepper Bloody Mary Mix garnished with a smorgasbord of Twisted Biscuit specialties: a Nothing Gets Cheddar Than This biscuit, thick-sliced bacon, a buttermilk pancake, smoked sausage, smoked brisket and Twisted Tender bites as well as celery, pickled vegetables, and cheddar/pepper jack cheese. So big it is shareable, but we wouldn’t... This one is “Social Media” worthy!!!!!!

    • Boozy BBQ

      Boozy BBQ

      House-infused bacon vodka, Demitri’s™ All-Natural Classic Bloody Mary mix and a splash of BBQ sauce garnished with smoked brisket, cheddar cheese, pickled okra and pickled peppers.

    • Commitment Issues

      Commitment Issues

      Sample flights of Green with Envy, I Like It Dirty and Boozy BBQ Mary’s along with Nothing Gets Cheddar Than This, Gettin’ Figgy With It, Bacon Is My Jam and Cinnamon Bear biscuits.

    • Green with Envy

      Green with Envy

      Effen Cucumber vodka and house-made tomatillo Mary mix, garnished with cherry peppers, pickled green bean, pickled carrot, celery, and pepperoncini.

    • I Like It Dirty

      I Like It Dirty

      Jameson® and Demitri’s™ All-Natural Classic Bloody Mary mix with a splash of pickle juice, garnished with pepperoncini, pickle spear, ham & pepper jack cheese and cherry peppers.

    • Skinny Mary

      Skinny Mary

      Three Olives® Citrus vodka and house-made spicy tomato water garnished with celery, lime, cherry tomato and fresh rosemary.

    • But First, Mimosas

    • Cinky Cucumber

      Cinky Cucumber

      J Roget™ champagne, Effen® Cucumber vodka, cranberry juice.

    • Feeling Bubbly

      J Roget™ champagne with orange juice, because CLASSIC never goes out of style.

    • It's still a Mimosa, Dammit!

      It's still a Mimosa, Dammit!

      Three Olives® Blueberry vodka, orange Juice and Fruli® strawberry beer.

    • Pomegranate Sunrise

      Pomegranate Sunrise

      J Roget™ champagne, Sauza Gold tequila, Finest Call® Pomegranate mixer, orange juice.

    • Smokey Rose

      Smokey Rose

      J Roget™ champagne, Effen® Rose vodka, St Germain® Elderberry liqueur, Finest Call® Sour Grapefruit mixer.

    • Not Your Average Joe

    • Espresso-tini


      Three Olives® Vanilla vodka, Kahlua®, Finest Call® Espresso martini mixer and Goshen© cold brew topped with Irish clotted cream and garnished with dark chocolate covered coffee beans.

    • Kentucky Kaffe

      Kentucky Kaffe

      Ole Smokey® Bourbon Ball cream, Goshen© cold brew and garnished with twisted bacon.

    • Rockchata Road

      Rockchata Road

      Goshen's© Old School Tattoo brew with Rumchata® and Kahlua® Chili Chocolate liqueurs topped with Irish clotted cream and garnished with a chocolate-almond covered marshmallow.

    • Salted Caramel Java

      Salted Caramel Java

      Goshen’s© Old School Tattoo brew with Kahlua® Salted Caramel liqueur topped with Irish clotted cream in a salted caramel rimmed glass.

    • You Drive Me Nuts

      You Drive Me Nuts

      Three Olives® Vanilla vodka and Goshen© cold brew with almond milk in a caramel and crushed almond rimmed glass.

    • Coffee & Tea

    • Goshen Cold Brew

      Regular and Vanilla Almond Cream

    • Goshen Old School Tattoo Blend

      Goshen Old School Tattoo Blend

      Trends come and go, but just like this coffee an old school tattoo never goes out of style. A traditional balanced blend that's roasted to bring out the bright, crisp fruit notes found in Latin America.

    • Hot Tea

      Hot Tea

      Edith Gray, Royal Treatment & Cup of Sunshine by Big Heart Tea Co.

    • Iced Tea

      Iced Tea

      Sweet and Unsweet, Malawi Iced by Big Heart Tea Co.

    • Twisted Joe's - Underground Reserve by Goshen© Coffee

      Twisted Joe's - Underground Reserve by Goshen© Coffee

      We commissioned Goshen© Coffee to search far and wide for only the most flavorful, high quality, single origin small-batch coffee beans. Seasonally harvested and roasted specifically for us, Twisted Biscuit Brunch Co is the only place you can get the Twisted Joe – Underground Reserve, an amazing cup of coffee.

    • Juice and other beverages

    • Fountain Drinks

      Coca-Cola®, Diet Coke®, Sprite®, Dr. Pepper®, Diet Dr. Pepper®, Barq’s Root Beer®, Minute Maid Lemonade®, Powerade Mountain Blast®

    • Milk

      Regular and Chocolate

    • Perricone Farms Pure Squeezed Orange Juice